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Workplace Investigations  & Mediations  

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Workplace Investigations

Caroline is a highly experienced workplace investigator, conducting hundreds of investigations for California public and private employers . Caroline conducts prompt, impartial and thorough investigations into alleged workplace misconduct by interviewing witnesses concerning the workplace conflict, making credibility assessments of the witnesses and resolving conflicts among employee perceptions.  Caroline's goal is to help employers understand what likely happened between the parties so that the employer can make an informed decision about how to address the situation.  Caroline uses her experience as a licensed California attorney as well as training from the Association of Workplace Investigations ("AWI") to conduct investigations. She holds an AWI certificate (“AWI-CH”), representing completion of a week-long institute and successfully passing an exam administered by AWI.

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Mediation Services

When parties to a dispute are confronted with difficult situations or pending litigation, Caroline can be retained to mediate the dispute. Caroline's role is to facilitate a negotiated resolution of the dispute, something both parties can live with. The benefit of these services is that parties do not have a judgment or jury verdict thrust upon them, but rather had a say in determining what the resolution would look like. Caroline is an experienced mediator who mediates employment and business disputes, contractual matters and partnership dissolutions. 

Training Services

Caroline has conducted hundreds of trainings across California on a wide range of employment related topics, including sexual harassment prevention, responding to workplace complaints, conducting workplace investigations and understanding unconscious bias in the workplace. Caroline has also been retained for numerous speaking engagements regarding trending employment and workplace topics including #MeToo movement, discrimination and harassment and workplace investigations.


Top 3 Reasons to Hire an External Attorney Workplace Investigator

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1.  Efficiency

An investigation can put stress on a company by diverting resources already committed to other projects. An outside attorney-investigator can help minimize this stress by allowing company resources to continue working on ongoing projects rather than be distracted with conducting an investigation.


2.  Impartiality

An outside attorney-investigator is well suited to conduct an impartial investigation.  It is critical for a successful investigation that the investigator conducts the investigation with minimal bias. This can be achieved when the investigator is not familiar with any of the witnesses or parties involved.

3.  Experience

An outside attorney-investigator, whose practice is geared only to performing investigations and who has employment litigation and counseling experience, is very well suited to conduct prompt, thorough and objective investigations. This experience permits the attorney-investigator to anticipate issues and manage them during the investigation that a less knowledgeable investigator may miss. This level of experience only adds to making the investigation more efficient and ultimately more cost effective for the employer.

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